Beetebites Carrot Horse Treats

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Perfect for your carrot lover’s! Flavored with just enough organic carrot, but tested to be under the recommended 10% NSC, you can feed them to your horse without the worries of feeding carrots! Your horse will love the kiss of organic carrots and the crunch of the delicious flaxseed based treat. Tested by Equi-Analytical Labs for safety, and guaranteed to please!

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Delicious Carrot Flavor, Made With The Same Great recipe as BEET-E-BITES, with a touch Of Organic carrot For Great Taste! Tested at Equi-Analytical labs for a total ESC AND STARCH OF 9.5% SAFE for Carbohydrate Sensitive Horses including EMS, Insulin Resistant, Cushing’s, PSSM horses.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

12 oz, 3 Pound Bag, 6 Pound Bag

2 reviews for Beetebites Carrot Horse Treats

  1. Ann Adams

    So far my mare has begged her way through an entire 3 lb. bag of Beetebites carrot treats and is 3/4 of the way through her second bag–apple this time. She loves all the flavors! At last a safe, yummy treat for horses that need low starch/sugar diets. And Cherie makes you feel so at home and valued as a customer.

  2. Cindy Lowman

    We were told about the product by Lisa Rasmussen. Our pony LOVES her carrot Beet-e-Bites. We are working our way through a bag of carrot flavored bites, but will try others once we are finished.

    • beetebites (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Cindy! Lisa R. rocks!

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