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Does your horse have Insulin Resistance (IR), Cushing’s disease, EMS, PSSM, problems with being overweight or other risks of developing laminitis? Do you need an easy way to medicate your horse?

treatsDelicious, low Sugar, low starch BEET-E-BITES horse treats were developed with the needs of Cushing’s, Insulin Resistant, EMS, EPSM, and other carbohydrate sensitive horses in mind. They are ideal to treat ALL horses! If you prefer NOT to feed your horse excess amounts of sugar and grain products, and are concerned about what is in your horse treats, these low sugar, low starch treats are the perfect choice for you! First low sugar, low starch treat available on the market, still the best 10 years later!

Equipockets pill pouches make medication time “treat” time, and are a wonderful soft-moist treat for seniors as well.

BEET-E-BITES Horse treats and Equipocket pill pouches are THE number one approved products by the Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistant Group(ECIR). Find us on their website at

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We do not promote our treats as a substantial part of your horses nutrition as other companies do. Our treats and pill pouches are made with ingredients that are “fiber” first, which is they way your horse was meant to be fed. These treats will not upset the balanced nutrition you provide your horse, and contain organic ground flax seed, full of important Omega 3 fatty acids. We believe that a treat is just that, a treat, and we provide a safe, delicious way to say thank you to your equine partner.

Made from the finest ingredients and contain NO added sugar, molasses, oats, corn, artificial colors or preservatives.  They are tested by Equi-Analytical Labs and are 3.3% ESC (Simple sugars) and 4.9% Starch for a total value @ 8.2%. Recommendations for carbohydrate sensitive horses are 10% and under.

Equipockets pill pouches are the perfect way to medicate your horses, and are ideal for administering Prascend (pergolide) tablets. These delicious soft-moist treats make giving small tablet medications an enjoyable part of your horse’s day. They come in two yummy flavors, Peppermint and Apple! Equipockets were designed with the veterinarians at Boehringer Ingelheim (the maker’s of Prascend), and were very successfully field tested.

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