The Cat and the Frog


While picking up feed at the local store, I noticed a tiny tan and white kitten sleeping on top of a display. He was the loudest kitten I have ever seen, and just as I was telling myself no, another customer was offered the kitten. She stated “well maybe I can just throw him out in the lean to!”

Jump in I do, even though the brain is saying” do you really need this kitten?” Of course the heart won out and home we went.

Nigel was his name and boy was he a beauty! Long tan and white coat (perfect for a barn!) and a set of lungs like I have never heard.

He was so small, I ended up putting him in the front of my coveralls while I was doing chores and he loved it. At this time, we were trying to save my beloved show horse who had been battling chronic laminitis, IR and Cushing’s disease. He was my soul mate, and I would do anything for him.

One morning I went to the barn and could not find the kitten. Oddly enough the horse named Frog was standing, sleeping with his head in his feeder. When I looked in the feeder, there was Nigel, purring louder with each warm horse breath on him.

This was the beginning of a love that I have never seen between species. Frog the horse would spend a lot of time lying down in his stall when he would have a flare up. Nigel the kitten always slept between the horse’s front legs, cuddled up against his chest. As difficult as it was for Frog to get up, he would always nudge the kitten, and get up very carefully to not step on him.

As Frog got better and was hand walked down the dirt road daily, his “kitten” would follow us on our treks. He tried to keep up, but when he would get tired he always hitched a ride on Frog’s back.

These two were truly inseparable, and the day after Frog was laid to rest, Nigel would spend hours under the tree planted on the grave.

Nigel disappeared just two days after his best friend was gone, and I know that they are enjoying each other’s company once again!


Do you have any stories of animal best friends?

Copy of mrfrog “Frog”

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