Happy girls with their low sugar, low carb treats!

linda and pearl english
Hi Cherie,  Oh my gosh, her cookies came.  They were beautifully packed, perfect.  The packaging is darling and makes me want to try one.  I love what you are doing and listing all the ingredients and the percentages, etc.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  I am so happy that I found  you. Plus some little candies for me and my husband, very nice:)
The big test was does she like them. Well, I could hardly get out of the stall with out giving her handfuls of the carrot cookies.  yikes, she adores them.   I love the shape and knowing that they are handmade.
You are awesome and thank you for doing this wonderful business creating treats for our horses. Giving them treats that are safe for them to eat, yeah.
Thanks so very much, Linda & Pearl

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