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They love both the cherry and banana! When I gave them their first cherry treats, they shook their heads b/c I think they were just surprised…but they scarfed them right down. Kiwi sticks out her tongue when she likes something, so you’ve got her approval! And Doosey on the left gives his happy face !

 Diana Kiwi and Doosey

Hi Cherie,

I just wanted to report back on my taste testers. We tried the sampler pack and Ben (chestnut) declared them all to be excellent. Captain Crunch, the incredibly picky pony thinks the apple are wonderful, and the peppermint good!  I’ve just ordered the Equipockets and more apple and peppermint treats. Thanks for making these! There’s not much out there that’s low in sugar for them to enjoy.


Fancy loves her low sugar, low starch BEET-E-BITES! She must be on a restricted diet, but she still gets her treats!

Ken and Fancy!


Hello Cherie,You are welcome and THANK YOU for making the Beet-E-Bites available for us. I appreciate your hard work in bringing this product to us.  My IR foundered Arabian gelding loves every flavor so I just chose the ones that I like the aroma of the best LOL.  Even though I have decades of horse care taking experience, managing insulin resistant horses (esp. Arabians who are my favorites) is the most tricky path of careful care taking of horses ever, … ever *sigh*.After trying for years of following other professionals “helpful” advice and using my own simple yet out dated “fat horse” care experience without producing a lot of good results, I have now gotten on board with the ECIR emergency diet protocol, changed to a barefoot farrier lady who supports ECIR principles and may even have to change vets to one that my new farrier works with (that may be a last resort deal, my present vet is super skilled but maybe not up to speed on recommending the ECIR protocols).The Beet-e-bites are a blessing to have to my guys feeding program. He loves his snacks esp since I have restricted his snacks for many years! And as a side note, my barn owner’s dog Buddy LOVES Beet-e-bites too, he drools like a waterfall when he sees me getting the snacks out for my horse.  

Thank you and my horse thanks you too!

Connie O

Dear Cherie,

I LOVE your lovely spring email – as much as our Leon loves your cookies.
Happy Easter Bunny,
Scarlett and critters

Hi Cherie,

The barn owner at the boarding stable suggested them where I have my 22 year old Morgan gelding, Bud. Bud has become picky eating his grain. He needs to take a 1/2 pill of Prascend everyday as he is borderline cushings. I was getting worried that his pill would get lost in the grain that he wouldn’t eat and I was afraid he wouldn’t always get it.
he barn owner tried putting Bud’s pill in your Beetebites pill pocket and he gobbled it up readily! So, I ordered placed my order so I won’t have to constantly worry about him getting his pill.

I attached Bud’s 22nd Birthday picture!

The Beetebites actually smell so good I would actually eat it!  Thanks for a great product!!!
Edith and Bud

  Splash loves his Beet-E-Bites treats so much he shows off his favorite trick just to get one, a smile! They are a go-to treat to bring to shows and in the barn for us!

Nicole and Splash

I bought the pill pockets for my 18 year old QH gelding, RC.  He had a slight episode of laminitis two years ago which turned out to be from his Cushings (we thought he was just an easy keeper).  The last couple of weeks, he’s refused to eat his grain (with the Pergolide pill in it) so I knew I had to find a way to medicate him.  He didn’t even hesitate to take the pill pocket (peppermint).  BOOM!  Every night that pill disappears!I’m very excited to see these on the market.  Thank you for making them for us horse parents with problem children.

RC and Karen

My horse, Stan, loves your apple and peppermint treats! Thank you for creating such a great product for horses that need to reduce the sugar in their diets

!Thank you!

Courtney and Stan

Hi Cherie,Here are 4 photos of my little mini, Peanut. We are so thankful for the Equipockets!  This little guy can’t wait to get his Prascend and equioxx balled up into the apple flavored pocket. We haven’t had one single pill spit out!  Not only that, it’s so nice to be able to give Peanut a piece of a Beet-E-Bite treat now an then.  All of our horses LOVE the Beet-E-Bites horse treats!  Honestly, their eyes lit up when they tasted and sampled all of the flavors!Peanut’s IR and Cushings are under control. His feet are healing from a bout of laminitis. I’m careful to make sure everything he eats is under 10% sugar and starch.Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me before I placed our order. We are happy!

Thank you

Karen and Peanut

My mare, Princess Penny, absolutely loves Beet-E-Bites.  I purchased a sample pack and there isn’t one flavor that she doesn’t enjoy!Penny was rescued from a neglectful situation as a yearling before she came into my life.  She recently was diagnosed with PSSM (a metabolic muscle disease).  Her disease is managed by diet and unfortunately, does not includes apples or carrots.  I had to stop giving her treats for doing her stretching exercises, until I found Beet-E-Bites!  The ingredients in Beet-E-Bites are safe for her metabolic issues and I can continue to spoil her for doing her exercises !Thank you for providing your product!

Dianne and Princess Penny

Hi Cherie

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making such a awesome horse treat. My pony was diagnosed with IR and giving him his medicine 2x a day was quite the task. Now with the treats takes no time at all. Thank you!!


Thank you Cherie!

I absolutely love the Equipockets!  My donkey was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, so I was a little worried about how we were going to get his daily pill in him.  My daughter found these on line, and I am so happy that she did.  He scarfs it right down with the pill inside. 

The fact that they are also within his diet limits are just perfect.  We will definitely be ordering these for the rest of his life!


 I’ve had my mare Molly for around 9 years now, and found out last year she had enough of a touch of Cushings to put her on a daily Prascend tablet. It’s been a struggle of making sure she eats her pill, without tasty sugary treats, leaving us to give it to her immersed in a handful of her grain each time!I was thrilled within the first week of receiving my order, as Molly is beside herself knowing she will get her treat once a day. The apple flavor is her new favorite thing, especially since our old tradition was sharing an apple together! I was also able to share my find of your company to a fellow boarder that has been in the same situation with the Prascend tablets for her Arabian gelding.Thank you so much for the extra apple crumbles, along with the pill pocket treats, and just creating the low sugar option in general, Molly & I are big fans!


Marlena Jenkins

Hi Cherie

Just some feedback on new flavor, my very picky miniature horses both love the banana!Thanks for new flavor

 Victoria R and China Cloud and Dunkin

Dear Cherie,

Thank you for the Beet-e-Bites pill pockets!  They are a huge help and a yummy way to give daily Prascend pills to my very picky cushings/IR little pony.  It’s so wonderful to have a source for safe, molasses-free and tasty products for her and her buddies.Blessings for a happy and successful New Year for you!

Kind regards,


Yardley is one picky pony but she is also a ridiculously easy keeper. One thing she will never refuse is a BEET E BITE! Good thing Mom has something she can rely on to help me eat my meds and supplements that isn’t full of sugar!

Yardley and Christina

This is my beloved mare Dream, who was the best horse you could have asked for. She was not only a champion in the show ring, she was a champion in my heart. we sadly lost her to colic, but she will forever be in my heart. This picture of her reflects her endearing and vibrant attitude.

She loved her peppermint treats, and being an older saddlebred, we always watched her diet very carefully!

 Lisa and Dream Parker, CO

Hello, Cherie.
I am sorry that it has taken me a couple of days to let you know that the Beet-E-Bites that you sent for the HorsePower silent auction arrived and are very much appreciated.  I thought that you might like to see a couple of photos of my mini horse, Allie Cat, busy at work in her HorsePower sessions with some very special students!  She loves her time with them.

Thank you again for your support of HorsePower Therapeutic Riding and have a blessed New Year!

Lynne Noren

After finding out that my 17 year old mare has some issues with laminitis, I was so happy to come across Beet-E-Bites! My mare, Lovey, certainly loves her treats and is very food motivated. I was so sad to find out that I could no longer give her horse cookies, but thanks to Beet-E-Bites, I can! Thanks to Beet-E-Bites Lovey doesn’t have to feel left out from getting something special at the end of the day. Thank you so much for making a healthy, and delicious horse treat!

 Jamie and Lovey

We LOVED the cute stocking you put together for my daughter for the sampler treat pack we bought as our first order. Our horse loves Beetebites and is so much happier now that he is allowed to have treats again. When he was first diagnosed with high insulin levels, the vet wanted his diet changed drastically and so that meant no more carrots or apples cold turkey. He actually got very grumpy because he could see that all the other horses were getting treats and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t have them anymore. But he is a happy camper now thanks to your products!!! So glad to have found your website!

 Christine, Jenna, and Zanzibar

“Desert Dawn, my 23 year old Arabian mare, has EMS and consequently has to be on a low starch, low sugar diet.  When I discovered carrots are one of the high sugar veggies, I initially couldn’t find anything she liked that was a safe treat.  A friend suggested I check out Beet-e-Bites, and we’ve never looked back.  She loves them—all the flavors—and checks my pockets to be sure I have some with me whenever I’m with her (which is several times a day).  When she realizes I’ve given her the last one in my pocket, she closes her eyes and sucks on it to squeeze out every last bit of flavor!  I can’t say enough good things about both the treats and the uniquely friendly way that Cherie corresponds with me as a customer. There’s not enough good I can say about your products and the way you interact with your customers. Dawn and I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

 Ann and Dawn


Package arrived quickly (thanks!) and your treats have a new admirer! My stallion loves the peppermint treats – it is so great to see his his enthusiasm for these “bites”. Finally, a reward with no worries attached.


Photo by Lucy Knorr of EquuSmile Photography.
P.S. That is Lindy Kinsman (trainer) on Visqueiro in Lucy’s photo!

 Visqueiro the happy stallion!

My father gave my horse some beet-e-bites for Christmas.  Peppermint is her favorite flavor.  She loves these treats including the crumbles!  My horse was recently diagnosed with equine polysaccharide storage myopathy and it has been challenging to find low carb treats that she will eat.  She is finicky about her treats so you can be sure I will be ordering more of these in the near future. It will make her rehab time more tolerable especially with her new diet restrictions.

Thank you – Jennifer

 Soni loves her treats!

This picture was taken several years ago at the BLM Championships at the VA Horse Center and is one of my favorites. Dante and I are retired now…. because of my bad hips.

Dante is an “air fern” and needs a low carb, low sugar treat!  he loves his BEET-E-BITES!

 Gary and Dante in VA

This is TA Azalea (Leah) and TA Antoinette (Sasha) and we are happy our shipment of Beet-E-Bites has arrived!

 Kathie Davidson in CO

We love our Beet-E-Bites, especially the Apple flavor. We shake our heads yes! Best of all, we don’t get more energetic than we already are. As industrious Arabians, that is a good thing!

 Dolly and Galore in Hudson

I love to show my horse both hunt seat and western pleasure. I am a bit of a health nut myself, and would only give him something that was healthy for a treat. I feel good giving Beet-e-bites to him as I know they are low in sugar and carbohydrates, plus they are all natrual and good for him.

Thanks for taking the time to produce these treats.

 Venessa Lakewood, CO

My Beet-e-Bites arrived today.  Thank you for your speedy service.  I thought I would send a photo of the lucky boy who gets to enjoy the treats!  

This is Sam (registered name “Headline Story”), he’s a 15 year old saddlebred that was saved by Saddlebred Rescue several years ago.  I’ve had him since with me since April of 2010, and if there is one thing he has become known for around the barn it is his LOVE of cookies!  His nickers and pleading looks are impossible to resist, so Sam eats plenty of them.  To this point his cookies had been the standard, sugar and carb-filled variety; he had resisted my prior efforts to convert him to lower-starch treats!  (As in he would spit them back out at me.)  Finally, your Beet-E-Bites have come to our rescue.  I’ve finally found a low sugar, low carb treat that Sam likes!  The licorice flavor have become his new “cookie” of choice.  Thank you!

 Mary in Liverpool, NY

 In memory of Skippy!


These pictures are in memory of Happenchance, aka “Skippy” who lost his battle with insulin resistance on May 23, 2011.  He left us with memories of thrilling victory passes and taught us many lessons about loyalty, patience and perseverance.  He will be forever in our hearts.

 Ann and Mary Lehan

This is my mare Paris. She is very happy to get a beet-e-bite, and she LOVES the peppermint!
Lisa in Parker


Hi Cherie,
Picked up the treats today at the post office. They arrived in perfect condition! Noonie loves them!  I will definitely be ordering more and telling others who have IR and PPID horses about them.  I was feeling so bad yesterday for Noonie – he seemed to be sniffing the breath of his ‘neighbour’ as she was enjoying her sweet feed supper…  At least now we can add some zing to his day with the Beet-e-Bites!  Thanks for a great product, and for all your help in getting the cookies to me.  We really appreciate it!  Will be in touch again shortly!

 Noonie and Lori in Canada

Hi Cherie,  Oh my gosh, her cookies came.  They were beautifully packed, perfect.  The packaging is darling and makes me want to try one.  I love what you are doing and listing all the ingredients and the percentages, etc.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  I am so happy that I found  you. Plus some little candies for me and my husband, very nice:)

The big test was does she like them. Well, I could hardly get out of the stall with out giving her handfuls of the carrot cookies.  yikes, she adores them.  The one I’m not sure of is the licorice one and I will try that tomorrow and let you know.  I love the shape and knowing that they are handmade.

You are awesome and thank you for doing this wonderful business creating treats for our horses. Giving them treats that are safe for them to eat, yeah.

Thanks so very much,

Linda & Pearl

Hi Cherie,

I really appreciate  the terrific service you always provide. Alma and Mindy thank you for the great tasting cookies

Alma (28) and Mindy(23) are both Standardbreds. I foster them for the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, they are both available for adoption (

Thanks again for the great treats!

 Alma and Mindy

Taxi says YUMMMMMMY!!!! Thank you!!

They came in really handy yesterday when Taxi wasn’t eating his soaked cubes — threw them in there — he finished his bucket of them last pm!! WHEW!!  FREEZING here…


 Taxi Loves Cookie Crumblers!

Hello from Ephesian Farms! Our Beetebite story is probably a familiar one.  One of our older mares developed EMS and then founder.  We provided the best vet and farrier care to speed her healing, but frankly we noticed that everybody was just a little too fat.  So we started making changes.  The best change we made was switching from the sugar laden, preservative laced horse cookies to Beetebites.  We hated denying the horses treats because we were implementing a diet regimen.  They were unhappy, which made us unhappy.  And we all like happy horses!  And the good news is, they like the Beetebites better!!!!!

We can feel good about giving treats again!  Our mare recovered and is doing great.  I truly hope that we can educate the horse world that beautiful green pastures are not always the best thing for horses (though they would disagree I’m sure!)  With the uptick in EMS, Pasture Related Laminitis, and Insulin Resistance, sometimes those green pastures are akin to coconut cream pie!  A review of your horses diet, forages and exercise is most important to head off these illnesses.  But for us the happiest change we made was to Beetebites.  So from Stormy, Bud, and Oatmeal (yes that’s really her name), we thank Cherie for making the best darn horse treats in the world.  We’ve even caught Stormy dreaming about them!

Cheers from the Corbetts and the horses at Ephesian Farms!

 Oatmeal, Stormy and Bud from Laura in North Carolina

I have 4 horses,  2 full size and 2 minis.  The full size are a chestnut gelding TB and the other is a black/white paint mare.  The mini gelding is chestnut (is a paint also but you can’t see his white spots due to his long mane, the mini mare is black/white. All need to be one restricted diets, as the two full size are overweight and the mini mare has cushings.

Thanks (and my horses thank you for developing the beetebite treats)!!


Cass, bay, 11 is my problem child – slightly overweight, IR and incredibly bad laminitis.

The Moonraker, Paint, is 33. I’ve had him for 20 years

Sammy (official name Aspen Dude), grey, 23 QH-Appendix

My 4th horse, Smokin’ Sage, 13, QH, is my main riding horse.

By the way, all four horses love your treats. Moonraker gets some Stud Muffins, too, because he needs any extra calories  he can get. I found out about your treats by accident, because there was a mix-up with an order. I had ordered Stud Muffins from somewhere back East, another lady ordered Beet-E-Bites, and I got her order. By the time we figured out the mistake (I couldn’t remember, but I thought that I had also ordered the Beet-E-Bites), my horses were already liking your treats. So, we got the error straightened out, and we have not been without Beet-E-Bites since. The last load I bought directly at the RM Horse Expo.

Thank you for an excellent product.
Hannelore (Hanna) Phinney

We have two ponies, Lexington (medium welsh/thoroughbred) and Scarlet (large welsh/thoroughbred).

I’m thrilled to know Lex can finally have a treat that is safe for him.

We started having issues with laminitis and abscesses last fall.  After a couple of bouts with laminitis the vet ran blood work.  His insulin was over 1200 which meant nothing to us until she said 300 is on the high end.  We changed his diet to a small portion of low starch grain and found low NSC hay at the Hay Ladies in Burnsville, NC.

Thank you for offering this wonderful alternative!

 Lex and Linda from NC

I visited your booth at the Holistic Horse Affair at the Ranch in Loveland last fall.  Since I have a mini, the four 12-oz bags I purchased then have lasted till now.

This is a picture ofWings, on a treasure hunt to find Beet-E-Bite Treats camouflaged in small piles of hay.

Thanks so much for making a safe and yummy treat I can feed with out worry!

 Wings and Elizabeth in Longmont, CO

My name is Rhonda and this is my best 4-legged friend Hank. He is a Smart Little Lena bred Quarter horse and is performance bred. Let’s just say that Hank has a big motor! I was looking for a treat that I could use to reward him with that would not affect his energy levels or “hype” him up. Beet-e-bites fits that bill and he LOVES them!