Peppermint Equipockets (FREE SHIPPING!)

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Ideal for the Peppermint lovers!
Soft-moist pill pouches designed to make medication time, “treat time” Pure peppermint flavor helps hide the medication smell. Picky eaters love them! FREE SHIPPING!

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Ideal for the Peppermint lovers!
Soft-moist pill pouches designed to make medication time, “treat time” Pure peppermint flavor helps hide the medication smell. Picky eaters love them! FREE SHIPPING!

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8 reviews for Peppermint Equipockets (FREE SHIPPING!)

  1. Bonnie (verified owner)

    Hi Cherie,
    I have been using Beet E Bites for several years. I started buying the treats when my 23 year old Haflinger, Larry, was diagnosed as IR. He loves any flavor so I switched flavors often.

    Months ago he was started on Prascend tablets. More times than I can count, I’d find the soggy remains of the pink tablet in the bottom of his feed bucket. Meds are too expensive to waste and do no good if you can’t get you horse to eat them so I decided to try the Equipockets. I just put the pill in the little hole and squeeze the pill pouch around it. Larry wolfs them down and looks for more. I started with the apple Equipockets and recently switched to the peppermint. He can’t get enough of these. He starts licking his lips when he sees them. Since I’ve been using the Equipockets, I started using Equipockets last March, and Larry hasn’t missed a single dose of the Prascend!

    Thank you so much, Cherie, for such an awesome product.

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    My husbands mare was recently diagnosed with Cushing and possible IR. She loves the peppermint pill pockets and looks forward to her morning pill! Thank you for a great product.

    • Cherie Pritchard (verified owner)

      So glad that the Equipockets are making pill time, treat time!

  3. Janis Foley (verified owner)

    I would give this product 10 stars if I could. I think I have the pickiest eater on the planet. My mare is now 20+ years old and has always been a picky eater. If there is a supplement that she doesn’t need or doesn’t want she will stop eating her grain, all of it until I can figure out which supplement is the offender. She was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome three years ago, fortunately no insulin resistance, but Cushings none the less. I tried some pill pockets with molasses in them. What horse doesn’t like molasses. Well, she ate them for a while and then would not eat them anymore. Now how was I going to get the meds into her. She is very cleaver, she spit everything out, even crushed and mixed with apple sauce. no dice. Then I found Beet E Bites. Miracle of miracles. She now looks forward to it every morning. In fact the staff gives her her grain and she will wait until they drop the Beet E Bite into the feed tub before she eats anything. So thank you Cherie for your invention. Things would be so much more complicated if it weren’t for your product.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    • Cherie Pritchard (verified owner)

      Thanks Janis! So glad they are making your life easier!!!

  4. Dawn Golden-Tio (verified owner)

    My 24-year-old Rocky Mountain gelding was diagnosed with Cushings about 1 ½ years ago. His vet started him on Prascend tablets and I had fun trying to get my horse to take them. I tried peanut butter, molasses on some mash with the pill mixed in, apple chunks with the pill in it—everything I could think of! I would find he’d eaten all the mash with the pink pill spat out in the feed pan. Then I had to open his mouth and push the pill to his throat so it would go down, all the while avoiding those BIG TEETH! I wasn’t his favorite! Then I tried Cherie’s Equi-Pockets. What a change! I followed her instructions by giving them without pills for a few days first. Now it’s the first thing he wants every morning. He won’t eat his mash or hay until he gets his Equi-Pocket! It’s made giving him his necessary pill a breeze every day. I’d highly recommend this product, trying different flavors until you find the one your horse loves. Anytime my horse needs medication, I get out the Equi-Pockets and it goes down like magic! Thank you sooo much!

  5. Barb Lindenlauf (verified owner)

    These are the GREATEST invention EVER! 4 of our 5 horses were diagnosed with Cushings…. One of them also has Insulin Resistance. I started them out on Carrots with a small hole. Well they figured that out REAL QUICK! Grrr…. Then I tried dissolving the Prascend pill in Sugar Free Kool Aid…. Yeah that didn’t work either. Then I discovered Equipockets! So far (We’ve only been on them since Mid July) they have been a LIFE SAVER! They are nice and soft and the pill goes in them easily! So glad I found these! I am about to order another bag! Yes, they are pricey, but TOTALLY worth it! I had a great conversation with Cherie about them before I ordered! What a wonderful lady to talk to! My horses LOVE these! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for developing this product!

  6. Sarah Tegtmeier (verified owner)

    I have the world’s pickiest thoroughbred who is recently diagnosed PPID and started taking Prascend. I’ve literally tried everything to hide the pills in, and everything works for 3-5 days until he catches on. We have been using these equipockets for the past two weeks and he is OBSESSED! I am SO thankful I found these and will be recommending them to my clients for their picky horses as well! Thank you so much!!

    • Cherie Pritchard (verified owner)

      So glad they are making life easier for you and him!

  7. Laura (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for making these! My mini used to eat his pergolide capsules (for PPID) with a small amount of senior feed, but when we had to move to a new boarding barn, he started leaving them in the feed bucket. I didn’t want to use high sugar pill pockets (not good for a little guy with Cushings), and was thrilled to find these. He loves eating them with the pill hidden inside. It gives me peace of mind that he’s happily eating his medication now.

  8. Sharon Sexton (verified owner)

    Finally found something to hide my horses meds in that he LOVES!!

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