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Delicious Apple flavor pill pouches designed for any small tablet or capsule. Give them the yummy apple flavor they crave, without the sugar! Now, an easy way to give your horse their medication in a soft moist treat! FREE SHIPPING!

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Delicious Apple flavor pill pouches designed for any small tablet or capsule. Give them the yummy apple flavor they crave, without the sugar! Now, an easy way to give your horse their medication in a soft moist treat! FREE SHIPPING!

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8 reviews for Apple Equipockets (FREE SHIPPING!)

  1. Marilyn Waldman (verified owner)

    OMG life just got so easy. I ordered for the first time the Equi Pockets to give my horse his cushings medication (Prascend).
    Just walking over to Louie in the cross ties two dogs immediately jumped up thinking the treat was for them. The aroma of apple and cinnamon filled the air. It was a no brainer. Louie could not eat it fast enough. I highly recommend these treats to anyone who needs to give their horse a pill medication.

  2. Marilyn Waldman

    Had to order my second bag of Equi pill pouches. My horse just loves them. Now I know for sure he gets his entire dose of medicine. And when I travel anyone at the barn can give him his medication.

  3. Deborah Peters (verified owner)

    I was concerned that my very picky TWH would not accept his twice a day medication in the Equi pill pouches. After breaking one in half, without the medication, I knew this was my answer for ease and foolproof tablet administration to my horse. The second half had his medication and I never had a moments worry that he had ingested the pill along with the treat. Wonderful way to treat and medicate a fussy horse all at the same time. I’ve been ordering the Beet -E-Bites treats for several month because my horse can’t have sugary treats and these will certainly be added to every order. Great product and always great service from Cherie.

  4. Sue B (verified owner)

    My pony needs his Prascend twice a day. He is boarded at a great barn and these make pill giving easy for his caregivers. He loves to eat his treats and we all know he is getting his meds. We do divide the treat in half and the Prascend still fits just fine. Thank you for these! Sue

  5. Bruce R. Marshall

    Bruce R. Marshall
    I recently purchased the apple flavored beet-bite pockets after trying a lot of different brands. The beet-bite pockets make is so easy to insert the medication for feeding. My horse is very finicky about her treats other she would just spit them out and give me that look like what are you feeding me! With the beet-bite pockets she looked at them then took a good smell and took it and chewed it up pill and all. It is very hard to find a great low-sugar product for giving to your horse and the beet-bites fill the need. Thank you, Bruce

  6. Emily (verified owner)

    These are a lifesaver! My mini horse has been diagnosed with chushings for a few years now. Over the years it has gotten harder and harder to get him to take the pill. Frequently, I would find the soggy pink pill at the bottom of his feed trough the next morning. When he misses does, he gets lame on his feet QUICK! He’s 29 years old, and feels better than ever (when he gets his pill). These pill pockets have changed everything and I don’t know what I would do without them! Since the day I started using the pill pockets, he hasn’t missed a dose and actually enjoys dinner time. My other horses beg for them, too. I have not tried the peppermint pill pockets, but I probably will soon. These pill pockets are great quality and smell fantastic! I can’t recommend them enough!

    • Cherie Pritchard (verified owner)

      Thank you Emily, so glad they are making both of your lives easier. My gelding has been on the Prascend for 6 years now and has not missed a pill yet!

  7. Audrey Fee (verified owner)

    These pill pockets are a life saver!! My mare was diagnosed with Cushing’s in June. She went off her feed and then wouldn’t take her medication. I happened to do a search and found this wonderful company that makes low sugar/starch soft pill pockets for this exact thing! I was overjoyed. My mare now takes her pill every morning without fail.
    I did try the peppermint and found my mare doesn’t like those and stopped eating it and her pill. Back to the apple flavor we go!!
    Thank you to Cherie and crew for making something my Cushing’s horse can eat without me worrying about the sugar content!!

    • Cherie Pritchard (verified owner)

      Hi Audrey,
      So glad the Apple Equipockts are working for you! They can sure make life a lot easier for us when we have to give medications!

  8. Erin Isaachsen (verified owner)

    These pill pockets are a game changer! I was coring out a piece of carrot or apple and hiding my fussy pony’s Prascend inside, but with these low sugar pill pockets I no longer have to worry about the sugar OR him not getting his Prascend. You can mold them into a small ball with the pill inside. I break each pill pocket in half for one daily pill so the bag lasts longer.

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