Vicky’s Story

We first met Vicky when she was donated to the public, county-owned lesson program in Northern New Jersey where both my daughter and I ride and work (barn staff and instructor, respectively). I’ve been riding and teaching there for more than 22 years, and Tory has been riding there since she first became old enough […]

Free Choice Hay Myths For The IR Horse

The new bandwagon for feeding Insulin Resistant horses seems to be free choice hay feeding.  The rationale to this thinking is that horses who are deprived of food access are being fed unnaturally, and this is a stressor that causes excessive cortisol release, causing laminitis. From personal experience, we found our own horses, fed free choice, gained approximately 50-75 pounds […]

Crazy Carrot Sale

3- day sale for our facebook friends!! Today through the end of Monday, our carrot flavor treats are on sale. Made with small bits of organic carrots, these are a delicious way for your carrot lover’s to get their low sugar, low carb “fix”!! We are buying our carrots fresh from our local organic farmers market, […]

Parasite article by Dr. Kellon

Worming Strategies –         Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD, Staff Veterinary Specialist for Uckele Health & Nutrition One of the most confusing aspects of horse ownership can be sorting out deworming plans.  It’s important to remember that all horses are at risk for intestinal parasites.  Regular deworming is easy, affordable, and your best investment in making sure […]

12 Tips for Lowering the Risk of Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis is an inflammatory condition that affects a horse’s hooves. The condition causes intense pain and tissue destruction that often result in the horse’s death. Use grazing muzzles, dry-lotting, and restriction of turnout hours to limit access to forage. Laminitis can be triggered by specific events like overconsumption of carbohydrate-rich grain, but it can also […]

June Peppermint Sale!

Our peppermint 3lb bags are on sale for the month of June. Save $3.00 on the 3lb bags Treat your horse to the cool, refreshing taste of peppermint! All natural, safe, tested treats, our peppermint is flavored with human grade, organic peppermint oil. Try them today!  Visit and enter code    pep3lb  at checkout to receive […]


We are having a sale on our 3 lb Apple flavored treats!  Good through the end of April! Just enter   applesale  at checkout to receive your discount. Now you can save on your horse’s favorite low sugar, low carb treats by entering     applesale   at checkout! Give your horse the yummy flavor of Apple in our […]

Read the April Equus Magazine!

Please read the updated laminitis studies in the Equus April issue. Very informative information on the different types of laminitis(endocrinopathic, inflammatory, and weight-bearing) and their causes. We are also happy to offer special discounts to our Equus readers. Find us on page 80, then type in the link at the bottom of our ad into your browser, and it will […]