Links to sites that are informative, and contain useful information pertaining to metabolic disorders, diet, and general care for our challenged horses.Woman pets horse.  A great site, veterinary articles that contain the latest updates on equine care. Sponsored by AAEP.  Katy Watts site containing in-depth studies on grasses, hays, sugar content, and general studies of plants and their behaviors.  Both online and in print, this magazine is a very informative source for veterinary written articles, targeted towards horse owners. Contains many articles on general horsekeeping, specific diseases in equines, and training articles.  This lab provides high quality forage and feed testing. A must for owners who’s horses diets are resstricted in sugars and carbohydrates. Many testing packages are available.  BEET-E-BITES is honored to have received the Equine Wellness Check of approval. This magazine contains articles about natural horsekeeping, training, and diet.     Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance website.  BEET-E-BITES is proud to be a Major Benefactor  for the study of laminitis, Cushing’s disease, IR, and EMS.

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