About Us

Soft things

We are committed to produce delicious, safe, low sugar, and low carb horse treats. My passion has always been horses(of course my friends and family would say obsession!). I have worked in the veterinary field for over 23 years as an office manager and veterinary technician. This desire to produce a safe treat for horses has been an ongoing challenge for me, but I am committed to the wonderful horse partners who are as dedicated to their “horsey” friends as I am to mine, and to the fantastic veterinarians I have known throughout these years!

My best friend was only 8 years old when I  heard the words”Cushing’s” disease. He was tall and beautiful, and had that look at me attitude.  He was just at the top of his game when we tested him.  Being my soulmate , I needed to do everything humanly possible for him. I dug into veterinary journals, picked the brains of the great veterinarians I worked for, and constantly bothered my roommate(who is also a veterinarian) for updated information. I also searched the internet for any veterinary research I could find. Then it became known and studied , that diet was an important link to these Cushing’s and Insulin Resistant horses, so I continued my research,feed testing, hay testing, and became knowledgable about what sugar and starch levels were ok for these horses, and what feed product’s were no-no’s

I also assisted in research and development of a low sugar, low starch hay pellet that the veterinarian’s I worked for were designing, to help our challenged horse friends.  Keeping abreast of the latest research, we tried everything for this brave horse, but after 8 years of an amazingly well fought battle, we lost him to the disease. Little was I to know, that I would be blessed with two more more I/R, Cushing’s horses.

In all of my searching I could not find a safe treat to give my buddy that was not loaded with molasses,corn,oats and artificial everything.

And It had to be low sugar and low carb!

After years of keeping up with all of the great research and studies into the connection between diet, and it’s effects on  disease, I decided to make a treat that was not only safe, but actually has nutrition packed into it. Of course I had to make sure my test buddies would like them as well!  They have been sampled on over 2000 horses so far, and we have had positive feedback of 99%.

 We bake batches to order so they are fresh every time. They are baked very low and slow so the nutrients are preserved.  Because of this, it takes several days to bake, dry and ship your order. We have welcomed to our bakery several bakers who are also “horsey”and share our beliefs, that all horses deserve to have a safe and delicious treat.

I look forward to preparing a batch of treats for your special friends, and want to hear from you about your horse’s story!