About Our Treats

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BEET-E-BITES are low sugar, low carbohydrate  all natural horse treats and are developed from a base of tested ingredients. We use only  soaked and rinsed NON-GMO beet pulp, human grade organic flaxseed, soybean hulls,  organic alfalfa meal, cold-pressed soybean oil and all natural flavoring oils. They do not contain any herbs that would produce a positive drug test! All testing of products was done at Equi-Analytical laboratories.

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Our complete ingredients are:
  NON-GMO Beet Pulp– referred to as a “super fiber” due to it’s high digestibility and ease of fermentation. Average protein content is 10%. We use non-GMO beet pulp.
 Organic stabilized Flax seed-rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, beneficial for a variety of inflammatory conditions, skin problems and allergies. We use only stabilized flaxseed so the Omega 3 fatty acids are not damaged in processing.  Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids, meaning they are not produced by the body.Therefore they must be consumed in the diet.
Soybean hulls– Average protein 13.9% sugar 2.9% and starch 1.4% High in fiber, we use the hull only and not the soybean or meal.
Organic alfalfa meal– highly digestible source of protein, naturally low in sugar.  Our alfalfa meal is from certified pesticide free, tested alfalfa pellets that we grind. No fillers or molasses in the pellets.
 Cold-Pressed Soybean oil-contains natural anti-oxidants including vitamin E. We use only a small amount of oil, just to mix our flavoring’s with, and provide a better dough.
Human grade flavoring oils.
Carrot flavor contains small bits of organic carrots.
Apple flavor contains trace amounts of organic cinnamon.
Licorice flavor contains anise seed oil, safe for Cushing’s horses.
These treats are made from the finest ingredients and contain NO added sugar, molasses, oats, corn, artificial colors or preservatives. They are tested (by Equi-Analytical Labs) and are 3.3% ESC (Simple sugars) and 4.9% Starch for a total value @ 8.2%. Recommendations for carbohydrate sensitive horses are 10% and under. All products are packaged in  human food grade packaging.

% Moisture 8.3
% Dry Mater 91.7
Crude Protein 11.3%
Crude Fat 21.2%
Crude Fiber 15.3%
ESC(Simple sugars) 3.3%
Starch 4.9%
(Carrot flavor ESC 4.7%,  Starch 4.8%)

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